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Procera Crowns and Bridges

From time immemorial it has been the goal of every dentist to give their patients metal free crowns and bridges which are stronger and more translucent than the traditional porcelain fused to metal crowns.

The Nobel Biocare Procera System® for Crowns and Bridges uses latest CAD-CAM technology for manufacturing highly aesthetic and strong restorations.

How is it manufactured?

The dentist makes an impression of the prepared tooth and then sends it to a laboratory that owns the highly sophisticated Procera Forte Scanner.


Procera offers esthetic and functional dental restorations for all indications. Therefore you get beauty and strength in one restoration.

  • The Procera restorations refract and transmit light almost in the same way as natural teeth, therefore giving the restoration a natural looking appearance.
  • Excellent biocompatibility- therefore healthy mucosal conditions and stable marginal bone levels.
  • Because of the excellent biocompatibility there is less accumulation of bacteria
  • 5 yrs warranty of all Procera products from the time they are restored in your mouth
  • Over 15 yrs Track record and clinical documentation.
  • 8 million restorations to date worldwide.
  • Beautiful long lasting results with excellent clinical track records and success rates
  • Fantastic marginal accuracy of Procera

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. And with the recent advances in esthetic dentistry and the strength of Procera all ceramic crown and bridges there is no settle for anything less.

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Before                                                                         After

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Before                                                                         After